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Fitted Blvd

BBB & Fitted Blvd Spray Can Battermen frame Pin

Hey Pin Enthusiasts! šŸ“Œ We're thrilled to announce an electrifying collaboration between two exclusive brands - BagBoyBrims and Fitted Blvd! Get ready to elevate your pin game with our exclusive hard enamel double backing frame pin. Each design was crafted to represent the essence of Arizona Diamondbacks for BBB and Minnesota Twins for Fitted Blvd.

Design Details: šŸ”¹ Arizona Diamondbacks & Minnesota Twins Inspired Pin :

Picture the dynamic Batterman logo with a twist . Featuring the iconic BagBoyBrims logo intertwined with the FItted Blvd Spray can surrounding it, capturing the essence of creativity and team spirit.

Product Highlights: āœØ Hard Enamel Finish: Ensuring durability and a polished look that lasts. āœØ Double Backing: Provides extra security so your pins stay in place wherever you go. āœØ Unique Design: A fusion of sports fandom and artistic expression, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Spread the Word: šŸ“£ Don't keep this exciting news to yourself! Share with fellow pin lovers and let them know about this epic collaboration between BagBoyBrims & Fitted Blvd.

Ā #PinCollab #LimitedEdition

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