• Coming in From the NorthStar State

    Minneapolis, MN


    "I’ve been into fitted hats since I was a little kid. I was real big on baseball so I wanted to wear what the pros wore.

    My favorite hat of the moment would be my "SurlyFest Minnesota Twins" from MyFitteds."

  • Representing our West Coast Fam & Ladies

    Compton, CA

    "I started collecting fitteds in mid November. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and styling.

    I first started wearing “dad hats” from Lids. I only knew about Lids back then. I saw the rust belt collection and was so intrigued by the crazy color ways! So I had to cop and it went from there. I started learning about other hats, drops, and stores! I grew my little collection and it’s been real fun styling each hat!
    My favorite hat at the moment is the NY Mets Two-Tone Pinky from the "Quiet Storm" collection by bearded goose!"

  • From the Lonestar State

    Dallas, Texas


    I have been collecting for 13 years. Hats are my life and every hat tells a different story.
    My favorite hat at the moment has to be The Padres Merlot Pack from HatClub.

  • Coming in Hot from the Empire State

    Queens, NY


    It’s Ya Boy Milliondallacapo aka capo.

    I'ma Music Artist/Song writer/Social media Influencer From Queens New York.

    I have been collecting hats for 2 years now. My favorite hat at this moment would be The “Money Goat“ it’s a hat from Amillionwaysllc aka me! (Lol) The hats should be here this summer 🤫🤫

    But My favorite hat right now from other company’s are "The Crowned" From Lids. My favorite team to collect are the Cubs and my less favorite to collect are the Yankees.

    I love the white guts and I don’t really have a problem with the battermans.

    I own about 1200 hats at the moment and I have my own Pins 📌/ Clothing Line.

    2022 is going to be a Great Year for the Hat community.
    Double ЯЯ🌹

  • Hailing from the Windy City

    Chicago, Illinois


    I have been collecting for about a year.

    I had like 15 black nasties in my collection and in the beginning of March, I believe, Lids dropped a 4 color pack it was one of their first color UV drop so I picked up a Pinky LA and a Purple Icy White Sox then after that I started collecting every colored under visor collection that Lids dropped.

    My favorite hat right now is the Chicago Cubs "Rustbelt" from Lids.

  • From the Bay State

    Springfield, MA


    What’s up everyone. Thank you for checking me out. My name is Tommylee, the guy who is working. I’m from Springfield, MA and I’ve been living here my whole life.

    I’ve always had a bunch of hats, SnapBacks, fitteds, dad hats etc. My big brother would always want to use an adjustable hat for the day, and there were a few times I did not get that hat back. One day I decided to switch to fitteds and it was a success. Knowing we didn’t have the same size head, I was safe for the most part. Till this day, the adjustable caps are hidden. 🤫

    I’ve been collecting for the past 4 years now. They’re still so many hats I want out there. My favorite hat right now (in which I still need) is the MyFitteds LA Dodgers “7-Eleven” hat. 💯🔥🧢

  • From The Valley

    Peoria, AZ


    I’m from Peoria, Arizona (born and raised).
    I have been collecting since the 5th grade but it really picked up after high school because I started working.
    Favorite hat? Ooo that’s hard, I gotta say this expos hat I got off of a reseller, I’ve always wanted an expos hat but they fly off the shelf so quick.

  • From The Copper State

    Litchfield Park, Arizona


    Yo! Im Cam aka cmoneysfitteds🎯. I was born in Ontario, California and raised in Litchfield Park, Arizona🏜.

    My first hat I remember was a Cincinnati Reds hat I bought at spring training in 2011. Ever since then I always liked how a hat added more to an outfit and how a hat could be such a conversation piece.

    My favorite hat at the moment would have to be my Cyberpunk Phillies hat from HatClub😮‍💨.

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