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At Fitted Blvd, we’re not just a store; we’re a lifestyle for those who dare to stand out. Our unique, custom-designed pins are more than accessories; they’re statements. From the dynamic Spinning Rims to the vibrant Spray Cans, each piece is a conversation starter.

But why stop there? Explore our ever-expanding universe of Sports Cards and Collectibles. Unearth both modern marvels and vintage treasures that celebrate the legends of the game. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the hobby, we’ve got the hottest cards that champion your favorite players and teams.

Elevate your wardrobe with our exclusive Menswear collection. Each item is curated to ensure you’re always at the forefront of fashion. And for that final touch? A fitted hat that’s the perfect crown for your ensemble.

Gifts that resonate - Looking for that special something? Treat your loved ones—or better yet, indulge in a little self-love. You’ve earned it!

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Fitted Hat Locker Room

The Vault  (Premier Collector Cards)

The Vault (Premier Collector Cards)

The Vault: A Premier Collection of Sports Cards Welcome to The Vault,... 



Soft and Hard Enamel Pins Hat Clips  

What's New?

🌟 What’s New at Fitted Blvd? Get Ready to Be Amazed! 🌟

Fresh Off the Press - Sports Cards & Collectibles!
Catch the latest wave of our Sports Cards and Collectibles! From the courts to the fields, we’re bringing you the newest additions that are sure to score big in your collection.

Vintage Finds - Menswear Edition!
Step back in time with our newly curated vintage menswear pieces. These urban classics are the perfect blend of nostalgia and style.

Jewelry Store Expansion - A Sparkling Future!
Get excited as we’re polishing up for our Jewelry Store Expansion. Soon, you’ll be able to adorn yourself with pieces as unique as you are.

Kids Store Expansion - Fun for the Little Ones!
The fun’s just beginning with our Kids Store Expansion. Gear up for a world of style and fun that’s as playful and vibrant as your kids’ imagination.

Pin Designs - Pin It with Flair!
Keep an eye out for our upcoming pin designs that are set to pin down your style with flair and creativity.

Loyalty & Birthday Rewards - Celebrating You!
We’re rolling out the red carpet with our upcoming Loyalty and Birthday Rewards. Members, get ready for treats and surprises that make every day feel like a celebration.

Stay tuned, the Fitted Fam is about to get even more fabulous! 🎉

MN Twins Collection

To pay homage to our hometown in the Twin Cities of MN, take a gander at the MN Twins Collection! From the BEST State Fair the US has to offer, delicious fried cheese curds, the Mall of America, the coldest and snowiest winters, and more... we also have the Twins! We are pretty darn proud! ⚾💕🧢

MN Twins Collection
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  • Collabs

    For those of you looking to collab with us on a pin or hat clip idea, please reach out to us to go over your information and we will be happy to reach out with you. Please keep in mind that not all collab ideas may fit with our designs or style and may be declined. All ideas are looked at fairly, if you do reach out to us for collab work, we will consider those who follow us on Instagram and have business relationship with.

    If you're wondering if that is you, please feel free to reach out.

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