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Fitted Blvd

2023 NBA Select Victor Wembanyama - Teal/White/Pink Prizm Numbered # 26/49 -( San Antonio Spurs )

Fitted BLVD


2023 NBA Select Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card - Teal, White & Pink Prizm - Numbered 26/49

Item Details:

  • Player: Victor Wembanyama
  • Team: San Antonio Spurs
  • Set: 2023 NBA Select
  • Card Type: Rookie Card
  • Parallel: Teal, White & Pink Prizm
  • Serial Number: 26/49 
  • Condition: Great Condition


This is a highly sought-after 2023 NBA Select rookie card of the sensational Victor Wembanyama, the first overall pick for the San Antonio Spurs. This card is a rare Teal, White & Pink Prizm parallel, limited to just 49 copies worldwide. Its stunning prizm finish and limited print run make it a must-have for any serious NBA card collector or Wembanyama fan.


  • Rarity: Only 49 copies produced
  • Design: Eye-catching teal, white, and pink prizm finish
  • Authenticity: Guaranteed genuine, with serial number verification
  • Investment Potential: As one of the most anticipated rookies, Wembanyama’s cards are expected to appreciate significantly

Why Buy This Card?

Victor Wembanyama is already making waves in the NBA with his exceptional skills and towering presence on the court. Owning a low-numbered rookie card like this one is not just a valuable addition to your collection but also a great investment for the future.


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